Electric Trimmer & Manual Trimmer

Electric Trimmer

T-shape scale on the front platform

Scrap collection bag and roll holder available

Laser marking and laser emitter

The stand can be disassembled

Multi-use modular knife set

Three types of cutting head equipped

Applicable Materials

  • Roll material: car stickers, backing reflective film,

      photo paper, light box film, instant stickers

  • Zsdg Rigid sheet: PVC board, honeycomb board, PVC foam board,

    acrylic sheet, ACP, two-color board, fiber midsole and rubber board

  • Non-rigid board: corrugated cardboard,

    yellow cardboard, red cardboard


Electric Trimmer

Manual Trimmer

General purpose trapezoidal blade

Safety protect cover

The blade depth can be adjusted

Built-in non-slip silicone strip

Applicable Materials

  • Flexible paper materials like sticker,

    Vinyl, paper, printing fabric

  • Kinds of board like foam board,

    card board, corrugated cardboard,

    even 2mm PVC board


Electric Trimmer

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