Fabric Pre-coating before direct printing - TPM-G


Sizing and Drying

Cotton Fabric Printing

Waterproof Coating

Apparel Substrates

Flag / Curtain / Silk


TPM-G Schematic Diagram

Fabric Treatment - TPM-G


2 Circulating Fans Per Chamber

Branded Electronic Components

Spreading & Auto Centering Roller 

Edge Detection & Auto Alignment

Dual Rubber Roller for Squeezing

Oil Drum for Final Shaping(Optional)

Adjustable Squeezing Pressure 

Tension on Fabric Adjustable 

Chain with Needle Plate

RIELLO Process Burner

Totally Enclosed Chamber

Free Drooping Collection(Optional)

1 Exhaust Fan Per Chamber

Cloth Separation Device

Driven Roller Collection

Touch Screen

Dual Roller Collection


Fabric Treatment - TPM-G

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