High End Pneumatic Film Laminator - ESP

ESP Series

A high-end pneumatic film laminator is a sophisticated piece of equipment designed for precision, efficiency, and reliability in various industrial applications.

● Industrial Laminator for Sign & Graphic

● Sophisticated Design

● Pneumatic Roller Lifting System

● Full roll-to-roll

● Dual Heated or Top Heated


Safety Vertical & Adjustable Cutter

Heavy-duty Silicon Rollers, durable and precisely engineered rollers for smooth and consistent lamination.

Front & Rear Speed Controllers

High Speed Application, high-speed capabilities for increased productivity.

Auto-locked shafts

High-precision pressure control to ensure even lamination across all types of materials.

Adjustable pressure settings for different lamination needs.

Precise temperature regulation to accommodate a wide range of laminating films and substrates.


Flim Laminating - ESP


  1. Solar Energy Industry:

    • Laminating protective films over photovoltaic cells and modules to enhance durability and performance.

    • Creating encapsulants for solar panels to protect against environmental factors.

  2. Electronics:

    • Protecting PCBs and other electronic components with durable laminates.

    • Insulating electronic devices from moisture, dust, and mechanical damage.

  3. Packaging:

    • Producing high-quality laminated packaging materials for food, pharmaceuticals, and other products.

    • Enhancing the appearance and durability of packaging with glossy or matte finishes.

  4. Automotive:

    • Laminating interior and exterior automotive components for protection and aesthetic enhancement.

    • Creating durable protective films for automotive glass and displays.

  5. Graphic Arts:

    • Laminating posters, signs, banners, and other printed materials for increased longevity and visual appeal.

    • Producing high-quality laminated graphics for exhibitions and displays.



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