Liquid Laminating - WL

WL Series

Protect inkjet graphics on various substrates, such as Vinyl, PSA, non-porous textiles, wet strength paper wall covering,

canvas and other flexible substrates

It can also function as flash drying devices for hard-to-dry inks

Compatible with most roll-to-roll solvent, eco-solvent and pigmented inkjet printers


Interchangeable mayer bars with quick release

Mayer bars are available in smooth and other wiring sizes

Filtered Supply and Return

Magnetic Suspension Pump with Auto Level Sensor

High Efficiency IR Lamps and dual stage heater

Pre-wired for optional post coat portable heater

Process speed to 2.75mpm (9 fpm) with optional IR heater

Automatic temperature control

Variable speed control with forward and reverse

On-board tank blender

Cooling fans available for different laminating thicknesses


Liquid Laminating - WL

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