Paper Slitter Rewinder - PSR


Branded electric components

Double rotary cutting blade

Cantilever for paper unloading

Oil-pressure swing arm for loading

Conveient paper loading system

Using cutting system with self-adaption funtion

Process Diagram

Paper Slitter Rewinder - PSR


Paper Loading Platform without Core, with Full Hydraulic System

Paper Media White Paper/Kraft Paper/Cardboard
Paper Weight35-120 gsm
Max Diameter of Input Roll   MaxΦ1600mm
Max Width of Input Roll 1700mm or 66"1800mm or 71"1900mm or 74"2500mm or 98"
EPC Edge Tracking System

Tension of Input Roll  2x20kg Magnetic Powder Braking System Automatic Tension Controlling Device
Max Cutting Width 1700mm or 66"1800mm or 71"1900mm or 74"2500mm or 98"
Min Cutting Width 20mm or 0.8"
Max Cutting Speed250m/min
Max Diameter of Rewinding Roll 1200mm/6"
Power of Rewinding Motor 18.5KW18.5KW22KW22KW
Standard VoltageAc380V/50HZ

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