5m Slitter & Table Slitter


A tabletop slitter is a compact and versatile machine designed for slitting smaller rolls of material, making it ideal for small-scale operations, laboratories, and businesses with limited space. These slitters are typically used to cut a variety of materials such as paper, plastic films, foils, tapes, and textiles into narrower widths. Despite their smaller size, tabletop slitters can offer precision and efficiency for various slitting applications.

Tabletop slitters offer a practical and efficient solution for small-scale slitting tasks, providing precision and versatility in a compact design. They are ideal for businesses and operations with limited space and lower volume requirements, offering an affordable and easy-to-use option for producing high-quality slit materials.

5m Slitter Features

Designed for slitting extra wide format substrate

Stable base, double roller structure with linkage chain design, easy to use

High quality rotary blade

Table Top Slitter Specifications

5m Slitter

5m Slitter

Table Slitter Application

Good for Slitting Vinyl Banners, SAV, Adhesive Tape, Reflective Sheeting

Expanding Shaft Fixes Roll Materials on the Shaft Firmly, Avoiding Damage of the Material

Shaft Available in 2″ or 3″

Ideal for businesses producing labels, tapes, and small packaging materials.

Used for testing and prototyping new materials and products.

Suitable for teaching purposes and small-scale production in technical schools.

Perfect for hobbyists and small businesses involved in crafting and custom production.

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