Hot Air Welder


A hot air welding machine is a specialized tool used for joining thermoplastic materials by applying hot air to the surfaces that need to be welded. This method is commonly used in various industries, including construction, automotive, and manufacturing, for tasks such as welding plastic pipes, membranes, and sheets.

Hot air welding machine involves directing a stream of hot air (typically between 200°C and 600°C) onto the surfaces of the thermoplastic materials to be joined. The hot air softens the material, allowing it to become tacky and capable of fusing together. A filler rod of the same material is often used to create a strong, consistent weld.

Automatic Welding Machines are an essential tool for anyone working with thermoplastic materials. Its ability to create strong, durable joints makes it invaluable in various industries, from construction to automotive repair. By understanding its components, types, and applications, users can effectively utilize hot air welding for a wide range of projects.

Automatic Welding Machines Features

  • Small structure

  • Intelligent control system

  • Efficient welding nozzle

  • Advanced belt combined with pressure roller system

  • Accurate positioning system

  • Special lifter equipped

Industrial Hot Air Welding Specifications

Hot Air Welder

Hot Air Welder Applications

  • Construction

    • Welding thermoplastic membranes for roofing and waterproofing.

    • Joining plastic pipes and fittings in plumbing systems.

  • Automotive

    • Repairing and fabricating plastic components in vehicles.

  • Manufacturing

    • Producing plastic tanks, containers, and various industrial components.

  • Geosynthetics

    • Welding geomembranes for landfills, ponds, and other environmental containment systems.

  • Textiles

    • Sealing seams in technical textiles and fabrics used in outdoor gear, tents, and awnings.

Types of Hot Air Welding Machines

  • Handheld Hot Air Welders:

Portable and versatile.

Ideal for smaller jobs, repairs, and detailed work.

  • Automatic Hot Air Welders:

Larger, more sophisticated machines can be used for continuous welding operations.

Often used for welding large plastic sheets, such as in roofing or geomembrane installations.

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