Welding Machine

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) welding machines are specialized equipment used to join PVC materials through various welding techniques. We mainly provide two types: hot air welder and high frequency welder. Welcome to inquiry our PVC welding machine.

Types of PVC Welding Machines

Hot Air Welding Machine

Uses hot air to melt the PVC material at the joint.

Commonly used for welding PVC sheets and membranes.

Applications: Roofing, flooring, and geomembranes.

Extrusion Welding Machine

Utilizes a heated barrel to extrude molten PVC, which is then applied to the joint area.

Ideal for thicker materials and complex joints.

Applications: Fabrication of PVC tanks, containers, and large structures.

High-Frequency (HF) Welding Machine

Uses high-frequency electromagnetic waves to heat and fuse PVC materials.

Suitable for thin PVC sheets and films.

Applications: Packaging, medical bags, and inflatable products.

Butt Fusion Welding Machine

Involves heating the ends of two PVC pipes or fittings and pressing them together to form a bond.

Ensures strong, homogenous joints.

Applications: Plumbing, gas distribution, and irrigation systems.

Socket Fusion Welding Machine

Heats the outer surface of a pipe and the inner surface of a fitting, then joins them.

Common in smaller diameter pipes.

Applications: Plumbing and water supply systems.

Pvc Welder Applications

● Construction: Welding PVC pipes and fittings for water and gas supply systems.

● Manufacturing: Joining PVC components for tanks, containers, and various industrial products.

● Agriculture: Creating irrigation systems using welded PVC pipes.

● Automotive: Welding PVC parts for vehicle interiors and components.

● Medical: Fabricating medical bags, tubing, and other PVC-based medical products.

● Media and Display: Some seam welding of advertising banners, vinyl films, etc.

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